History of Valentine Day and Why We Celebrate Valentine Day

Valentine Day

History of Valentine Day

History of Valentine Day and Why We Celebrate Valentine Day

Every second month of the year, February is known as a month of love, romance, confessions, and promises. 14th day of this very special month is Valentines day St. Valentine’s Day, valentine day is a day to express or to confess the love to your dear once before celebrating, have ever thought why this day is been celebrated and how this tradition of valentine day started?? Are you curious ?? Let’s get back to the history and know the various figment and facts.

Branches of this day are adhered to the Roman festival of Lupercalia, celebrated in mid-February. Spring not only involved with love celebration but also involves the fertility rites and the pairing of women and men.

This all started from Middle age as history reveals different tales of this day relates to umpteen myths. Pope Gelasius I made a chance and he started St. Valentine’s Day instead of Lupercalia. Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni two Christian martyrs who were executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius Gothicus II on 14 February in two different years during the 3rd century A.D, so in the reverence of Saint Valentines, the St. Valentine’s day is celebrated.

Yester years divulge that Saint Valentine of Terni spurn the emperor’s order of ban on marriages, helped many young couples in marrying who were facing problems in getting united and was executed to death the holiday was in his remembrance. Another folktale is related to Valentine of Rome who favored jailers daughter and cured her of blindness, wrote a letter by addressing “from your Valentine” rumors are that the two in person was the one same saint who worked for people well – being. And the day is dedicated to love and Saint Valentine. When the persecution of Christians was common at that time these events were accomplised in 269-270 A.D by Roman Emperor Claudius Gothicus. History depicts about three saints named Valentines but is known only about two of them there is nothing known about the third one.

Valentine’s day is celebrated in many countries there are countries where this day is been celebrated as a mass weddings. only assumptions can be made for celebrating 14th February as valentine’s day. Truth is still unrevealed and is a mystery that is wrapped in history.

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