How to Maintain Good Relationship with Your Girlfriend and Keep Happy

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How to maintain good relationship with your girlfriend and keep happy

How to maintain good relationship with your girlfriend and keep happy

Relationships are just like a thread once broken than you can rejoin them by a knit, which will remain forever. Before being in a relationship or in a committed relationship know each other better, relationships are not just about surviving it’s all about thriving. It happens that a couple after being together their spark dies, to keep the spark alive you have work on it relationships are not meant by accident or luck they are the outcome of love, affection, respect and a rock solid commitments.

Are you a perfect partner or dreaming to be a perfect one? Here are some tips to keep your girlfriend happy.
Make her feel special – It didn’t mean you should do daily something for her but yes do something unplanned or surprise her, surprise her by making breakfast for her or without any specific day gift her flowers of any kind of gift that resonated your love to her. Compliment her on what she does for you. Your attention and spontaneousness can bring loads of happiness in your relationship. Surprise her by leaving a note “Love you”, “Take care I will be late”. A small poem, shayri or song can be an icing on the cake while expressing your feeling to her. Pamper her, all it gives a warm feeling of togetherness.

Spend quality time with her – Everyone is busy in their daily chore but take a time to spend with her explore new places, plan dinner dates or long drives, know her interest and do accordingly. Ask her for shopping sometimes, this is the best mantra to keep the girlfriend happy. Text her at an unexpected time, she will be happy knowing that you miss her in your busy time too.

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Be the one she can trust blindly – Always be loyal in a relationship, once the promises are broken they pave the way for next one also, keep your promises and stick by your word. Don’t make her wait in public be on time, if you are planning for being together in future time show your abilities and responsibilities towards money, studies and work this way you can gain more trust. And this will reflect that you are capable of holding her and being her strength. Don’t yell, yelling won’t make your black lies into white be appropriate and say the truth. Show her that you trust her, confide her. Defend her in front of peoples, take a stand for her and yes take her to meet your family and friends this will make her confident about you and she will cherish.

Try to meet the expectations – We always expect from we love utmost, we can be demanding to that person, try to meet each other’s expectations, don’t take for granted, understand each other well, know likes and dislikes of each other. If something bothers than speak up and try to change, be willing to compromises, the compromise didn’t mean degradation it means you want your relationship to be more strong.

Understand her needs – Try to know her deeply, catch the emotions of her and understand her to need in all the way. Here I am talking about intimacy which is a need of every human, intimacy is a way to express your love, be gentle while making out, don’t be harsh or forceful know what she likes or admire.

Protect her and communicate – When you both are in a public place, protect her by holding hands these small gestures can make her happy. Make communication a priority, this can be an asset in your happy relationship.
Respect each other space – don’t be over possessive, trust her, let her enjoy friend zone too. Be sensitive while talking, abusive language can decay your relationship.

Union of two forgivers can make a saga of love and an example of a happy relationship. You can not find relationships, relationships are made by devoting time, thoughtfulness and forgiveness of two peoples. Write a saga of love by growing old together.

Sacrifices are the key to a happy relationship!

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