Top 10 Beautiful and Historical Tourist Places in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Top 10 Beautiful and Historical Tourist Places in Madhya Pradesh

Top 10 Beautiful and Historical Tourist Places in Madhya Pradesh

One of the diversified state is, Madhya Pradesh, propounds variant and contrasting cultures and languages. The state is located at the center of India is famous as the heart of India. The state capital is Bhopal which is an amalgamation of the old and the new land areas. Madhya Pradesh offers great places for the visit with history involved. The state is rich in Cuisine too and gives water on the tongue with taste. From halcyon worship places to breathtaking and electrifying jungle safaris and hill station. This can be a miniature of travel guide and can be useful if you are planning to schedule a tour.

Jabalpur : 

Jubbulpore or jabalipurm is famous for marble rocks at Bhedhaghat and is famous as the rock city, it has many centers of attraction like Bargi Hills, Dumna Natures Park, Balancing rock, Madan Mahal Fort, Rani Dugawati Musume, Tripura Sundari temple, Pishanhari Ki madhia a Jain temple, Guwarighat. This city has recorder its name in bollywood scens like in Mohan Judaro and Machli Jal ki Rani hai. It has giant malls for shopping.

Bhopal :

We will start will with the city of lakes, it has many beautiful places to en-route like mosques, chawks, a huge magnificent market, museums. History has recorded Bhopal as Bhojpal, which are cites in a city with perfect blending of north and south, old and new civilization. Transportation is well maintained.

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Mandu :

Witness of pure love between Prince Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati, a Hampi is a beautiful place with composed and moderate environment. It reflects the different ruling eras from bygone times. And has scribbled its name from the 10th century. This splendid small town is a bonanza.

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Gwalior :

Gwalior the city of Scindia has contributed towards the historic richness of India. Stinking rich in arts and culture city clunch the past with Rajas and Maharajas i.e emperors region has Forts to visits, Zoo, birthplaces of legends and here from January to February a yearly fair is held.

Khajuraho :

Madhya Pradesh is the hometown of classic and ancient monuments, its has a story of relic periods in it. Khujraho is beating it name for having seductive temples, these temples are from medieval period. Walls of temples are carved with sensual and erotic images in elegant form. Inscription depicts the purest romance and shows a distinct paradox with the classical Indian idols about amativeness, leaving everybody spellbound.


This is a perfect destination for couples or best suited for family trips. Pachmarhi is known as the only hill station and queen of the Satpura ranges in Madhya Pradesh is recognized for its calm and tranquil atmosphere. This city is blessed with numerous of electrifying and thrilling places like apsar fall, bee fall, ancient caves of Pandavas, catholic church, Dhupgrah, national park and a giant ship temple. The place has a power and Pachmarhi offers its tourist a serene and notable experience. A perfect paradise.

Sanchi :

Sanchi is acknowledged by stupas all over the world. Stupas are built of bricks and this was established during the period of emperor Ashoka. Sanchi has a charm of Buddhism in the air around. It gives glimpses of Buddhism culture. Sachi is located near the Bhopal.

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Amarkantak :

Amarkantak is a merging point of three holy rivers – Narmada, Sone, and Johila. Amarkantak is known as the king of pilgrimages. It is located amidst the exemplary Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges at an altitude of 1065 meters in Madhya Pradesh. It has the cold climate as it is surrounded by water. You will be able to see the eye-arresting serens, encloses with the soothing environment and pacify your soul.

Kanaha Kishli and Bandhavgarh :

Kanha Kisli is situated near mandala district and is known of wildlife, Kanha National Park is most visited by tourist offers Jungle safaris, this has a variety of flora and fauna it has picturesque visions, full of natural beauty, it can be a frantic trip.

Bandhavgarh is situated near Umaria distric is also a National Park and offers varied species of wildlife,here jungles are highly rich in flora and fauna. Tiger show is famous here.

Orchha :

King Rudra Pratap Singh was the founder of this Bundelkhand state during 16th century AD. This treats its visitors by Ram Mandir, Jahangir Mahal, Orchha Fort, Betwa Retreat and Orchha Sanctuary.

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