Facebook Fix: Facebook Not Showing Website Url


Facebook Not Showing Website Url

You Can Force To Facebook to Show Thumbnail Image for Website Links

Have you noticed an incorrect post thumbnail showing up when you share your articles on Facebook? Many of our users have complained about this. In this article, we will help you fix the Facebook incorrect thumbnail issue in WordPress.

Just had a client have a problem with Facebook and their WordPress blog. They created a post, and after publishing it, realized that they written the title wrong. So they went back and fixed it. However, whenever someone posted that site URL onto Facebook, it showed the old title, not the new one. Obviously, this needed to be fixed.

In today’ fast paced world, we’re used to things happening In Real Time. Even though it looks like Facebook connects to your site instantly, in reality it only looks at your site once every two days, and then caches what it sees. If it caches your site at the wrong time, you may see the wrong things up on Facebook.

you can force Facebook to show a thumbnail for your link using a neat little trick before you post the update

Don’t Fear. We will tell you that how you can fix this issue without and coding or programming. The good news is that, Facebook engineers provided a great tool that can easily fix the thumbnail/image fetching problem – the Facebook Debugger Tool. This forces Facebook to “crawl” the link to see if there is an image.

Will give you the simplest solution here.

Just Follow this link and your problem solve:

Now Facebook will generate a preview which an image to post along with your link.

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