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Burn The Measuring Tape And Set Yourself Free

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Burn The Measuring Tape And Set Yourself Free

Since when was it a crime to enjoy your own appearance in the mirror even if other people don’t? I believe this all started stemming from our commonly flawed belief that beauty is synonymous with flat abs, thigh gaps and toned arms. It is about time we realised that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Who is to blame if not for that part of ourselves that believes it is wrong for people to be proud of their flab? While many choose to blame media and its glorification of size zero, I feel that it is the people’s mindsets that are majorly guilty as well. We are not mere herds of cattle, are we? No, we are definitely capable of forming our own opinions and judgement regardless of what the big screens with their skinny people show us.

When we are able to wake up in the morning and face news articles about heinous crimes, when we are able to get through our days filled with horrible occurrences, when we are able to brush off issues such as poverty and malnutrition, why are we cringing and complaining about something as harmless as extra inches?

People need to learn to be more focused on what is on the inside than letting something as temporary as physical appearance allow us to feel either confident or self-conscious about ourselves. I say people, and not just women, because body shaming is not gender specific. Black hair turns white, clear skin gets wrinkled, toned bodies get loose and like all else, this too shall pass.

So, next time, when someone clicks a photograph, why not focus on those sparkling eyes full of ambition, that cheery smile filled with happiness and the personality that exudes positivity? Why not focus more on the body language and not just the body?

So how do we put an end to this mindless discrimination? Change has to come from within. The day people are not defined merely by the way they look, the day media begins to shed some spot light on the big and the beautiful, the day people begin to relate before posting negative comments on social platforms… that is the day that both flab and fit shall be treated equally. But till then, the rebellion shall not stop…

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