Baahubali 2 is a Grand Spectacle Devoid of Any False Note

Baahubali 2 is a Grand Spectacle Devoid of Any False Note

A film, which is close to three hours, might be daunting in an era where the norm is two hours. The extra minutes are spent checking messages and sending messages on smart phones. With Baahubali 2, this scenario doesn’t apply. The film keeps you hooked, keeps you engaged and never allows you to fiddle with your phone, not because there is an element of suspense involved but more so because of its grand canvas. It’s the jaw-dropping spectacle of the kingdom of Mahismati that grabs your attention and ensures that every penny that goes in buying the ticket is worth spent.
Baahubali 2 ticks right all the boxes and there is hardly any false note in a film that’s commercial to the core and makes no qualms about the fact that at heart it’s a fantasy film. And the heart of the film is in the right place. Baahubali 2 is a grand spectacle that demands viewing and without playing the nationalist angle, I surely can take the liberty to say that it’s at par with any cinematic version of the Marvel Comics or the DC Comics that’s being churned out in plenty by the house of Fox, Paramount and Disney.
The vision of director SS Rajamouli is awe-inspiring and kudos to him for a brilliant screenplay and able direction. Rajamouli never deviates even once from the plot that could be as old as the hill, but the colours and vision he has filled the film with could only be described as apt choices.

Right from the credits of the film, which to me seems one of the best I have seen in the recent past, to the war sequences to the Kuntal kingdom scenes, everything looks pitch perfect. There were doubts when Prabhas appeared in the first version of Baahubali but with this film Prabhas has cemented the fact that role unke liye hi likha gaya tha. Prabhas possibly has the best screen presence I have witnessed among Indian actors. The devoted and able, Kattapa aka Sathyaraj continues from where he had ended in part one. Yes, he does ham and overacts in scenes when Anushka Shetty aka Devsena is clueless about Baahubali’s identity. A scheming and devious Rana Daggubati as Bhallaldeva is a sure shot win for the casting agent.

I would especially mention the sequence when Baahubali and Devasena together stall the enemy attack armed with bows and arrows. It’s pure rhythm in action that has never been witnessed in the past. Arm yourself with popcorn when the sequence begins.

Baahubali 2 is a fantasy film and there is no point looking for merits and picking nuances in a performance. The technical part takes over the text part. The film ties all the loose ends that were there in part one and then moves ahead and takes it to a logical conclusion. And yes, the answer to why Kattapa killed Baahubali could have been worked out in the first film itself but it’s interesting nonetheless. Go see it.

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